APPEL: Rather of Raising Taxes, Why Refrain from Doing Something About Medicaid Scams?

” This is not our top priority today.” That was the response from the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) to the Senate Finance Committee when pushed about why they had stagnated forward with the application of Managed Medicaid Long Term Care in Louisiana. From their viewpoint, carrying out a reform that uses possible cost savings to taxpayers of more than $200 million annually should not be of near as much significance as is raising and investing billions on the development of the well-being state.

Next, to the possible cost savings used by Managed Care, the Finance Committee likewise heard that substantial cost savings might be originated from the more aggressive pursuit of Medicaid scams. The Federal government has released information suggesting that the nationwide average of Medicaid scams should do with 12%. When I pushed the Attorney General’s staff, they affirmed that in their evaluation Louisiana presently just prosecutes scams at a rate of about 1%. At the very same time, LDH affirmed that their focus is on training, not scams recovery.

For any retrieved scams, there are almost a 30% cost savings straight to the state. In today’s overheated world owned by huge Medicaid growth that might represent numerous millions each year! Let’s be conservative, if we recuperate scams at just a rate of 6%, half the nationwide average, that might be $180 million annually. Training to expect scams is essential, gathering misbegotten gains back for the taxpayer is more vital. A basic person would ask “Why to refrain from doing both at the very same time?”. It is intresting for you to know about Medicaid scams here on this website

Call me a cynic, but the Administration’s concentrate on raising taxes need to be a lot preferred to them than making scoundrels pay up and of being a great steward of individuals’ money! Or, is it that the political game is to construct the well-being state so quickly therefore deep that it will be difficult to reverse the damage to the state even when the unavoidable collapse comes?

On behalf of the taxpayers, I firmly insist that Medicaid Managed Care reform and a focus on Medicaid Fraud be put as leading concerns that need to be achieved before the Administration be permitted to pursue its seasonal favorites, raising taxes and costs like there is no tomorrow. Remarkably if they would do simply those 2 things we might resolve our state’s whole monetary shortage for this year. We might money TOPS, we might money psychological health, we might money college!

Top priorities? Mine are basic, we need to provide federal government services successfully and effectively. Obviously, the Administration’s top priorities are focused in other places. It appears that the development of the privileged routine’ is of even more significance than being a cautious steward of taxpayer’s dollars.